with Pateros Brewster Long Term Recovery Organization (PBLTRO)

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*Gift Cards For Emergency Assistance

PBCRC and PBLTRO are offering GIFT CARDS for emergency assistance to Pateros/Brewster small businesses and families through our Pateros-Brewster Pandemic Assistance Project. 

Funding provided by a grant from North Central Washington Accountable Communities of Health.

The "Give A Gift Card" program helps Brewster and Pateros individuals and families impacted by the COVID-19.

  • Donations are also welcome toward purchasing gift cards from local businesses. We distribute them to families in need, so families may purchase basic necessities. 

  • If you or someone you know has an essential need (food, fuel, rent, etc.) contact Jord Wilson of PBLTRO at (509) 449-9670, or Gene Dowers of PBCRC at (509) 449-9028 for assistance.

  • Together, we can help families and small businesses with a cash infusion to help them get through these difficult times!


  • Click on our Resource Center's DONATE button here. Note "Gift Cards" in memo.

  • Mail your check to PBLTRO at PO Box 422, Pateros, WA 98846. Specify "Gift Cards" on the check memo line.

  • Drop off your check or local Gift Card with:​

    • Jord Wilson at Pateros City Hall at 113 Lakeshore Drive in Pateros, WA or

    • Contact Gene Dowers (509) 449-9028 or Jord Wilson (509) 449-9670

100% of your donation goes to the Give A Gift Card Program in partnership with PBLTRO, who will distribute gift cards to family and small business recipients in Pateros and Brewster.


*Food Kits and Care Kits

Sponsored by Washington State Dept. of Health, Kroger Foods, Walgreen's Drug

  • For folks in home isolation due to illness with COVID-19,

  • in quarantine because of exposure to COVID-19, or

  • those at high risk for complications if they become infected with COVID-19.

  • No-Contact doorstep deliveries by PBCRC or Brewster Chamber of Commerce to Brewster, Bridgeport, and Pateros.

  • Contact PBCRC Office at 509-923-7460.

*All In WA COVID Relief Grant

Available as of December 21, 2020


Relief/Stimulus Check to Local Community Members (Brewster, Bridgeport, Pateros) who:

  • Had COVID-19 and lost wages

  • Had COVID-19, unable to pay medical bills

  • Lost wages due to quarantine, exposure to COVID-19

  • Not received unemployment benefits due to backlog through ESD

  • Impacted by nonessential business closure

  • Did not qualify/receive Federal stimulus due to lax of Tax Record or documentation

Referrals accepted from our Partners or through our Executive Director. Call Gene at 509-923-7460.

Food Kit: contains dried and canned staple foods that can feed one adult for 3-5 days.

Care Kit: contains face masks, vinyl gloves, soap, thermometer.

*PBCRC is a Service Extension Provider of The Salvation Army!


We provide assistance for emergency needs. Vouchers available for select businesses in the Quad City area for necessities, rent and utility assistance. 

Pateros Brewster Community Resource Center
169 Pateros Mall, Suite A
PO Box 491
Pateros, WA 98846
Gene Dowers, Executive Director
(509) 923-7460